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Odysseus Hotel Paleokastritsa | 487 Reviews
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The Hotel

About us

Over the years many guests have asked about the history of Odysseus hotel. With this in mind we have created a short summary of its beginnings and subsequent development.


The beginning - Taverna & Convenience store


Our history begins in 1965 when Spiros Bourbos and his wife, Eleni, opened a "Taverna" and a convenience store. The convenience store was the first to open in the Paleokastritsa area and sold everything needed at the time from cigarettes to gasoline. Spiros Bourbos was one of the first hoteliers in Corfu. At the age of twelve he started working as a waiter at a local restaurant. By his twentieth birthday he had already obtained the necessary knowledge and experience by working at the first local hotel. This enabled him at the age of twenty one to lay the foundations for establishing the business. He could already speak four languages he had learned from his daily communication with visitors.


The hotel


Spiros and Eleni worked hard but they enjoyed what they were creating together and this led them to build the first ten rooms in 1968. The growing demand on accommodation drove them to expand. In 1974 they built what is now the main building with 30 rooms. Thus the second hotel in Paleokastritsa was built.




By 1983 the hotel complex was complete and it consisted of 60 rooms. In 1988 the first major renovation of the hotel took place followed by a second phase ten years later. Since 2010 a new series of work has begun which is still in progress. This has proved a very pleasant surprise for old and new visitors alike. Since 2000 the three children of the couple’s, together with their spouses, took over the management of the family business. Their vision for the future always encompasses a respect for the past and their paren'ts achievements and goals. They always strive to improve by offering hospitality and quality of service to both new and returning visitors and greatly value the many friendships that developed over the years. Today the hotel continues its successful path by safeguarding the warm, family atmosphere combined with traditional Corfiot hospitality. Thus the hotel follows the footsteps of Alkinoos king of Corfu who offered hospitality to the wandering ODYSSEUS. Our family welcomes you..

The Hotel


Location Set on a hillside above one of the six beautiful bays of Paleokastritsa


The hotel’s restaurant serves breakfast at a buffet.

See & do

The complex consists of a main building, an annex with bungalows and three surrounding blocks.
Odysseus Hotel Paleokastritsa | 487 Reviews
Odysseus Hotel Paleokastritsa | google Odysseus Hotel Paleokastritsa | google Reviews 154 Reviews
Odysseus Hotel Paleokastritsa | trip advisor Odysseus Hotel Paleokastritsa | Trip Advisor reviews 322+ Reviews
We would like to recommend on Odysseus hotel in Corfu. The hotel is well located, less than 5 minutes walk from Paleokastritsa and the nearby beautiful beaches. The staff (family members) were very nice and helpful and gave us recommendations for authentics places....
Inbal & Izhak
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We stayed here 2nd Sept- 13th Sept and can't praise the staff enough..everyone so friendly and welcoming. The food was good enough for us..something different each night and the salad selection was perfect for me as I don't eat meat. Fortini is lovely and smiley and whizzes around tending to everyone's needs with the help of the staff. I would definitely visit again..we've fallen in love with Corfu and can't wait to return! Thankyou Odysseus for a truly amazing holiday!
Paul Howell
Odysseus Hotel Paleokastritsa | Icons
My wife and I visited Corfu on the 1st of July for seven nights and stayed at the Odysseus Hotel and I have no other words than OUT OF THIS WORLD. I upgraded our room to a sea view and am glad i did. The view was fantastic. to wake in the morning and look out to the sea and mountains made you feel just great. The room was very clean and spacious and our linen and towels were changed daily. The staff were very friendly and the food was of a good standard. We normally don't return to holiday destinations but are thinking of going back here next year. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday, then you will find this one hard to beat. ENJOY.
Edward J
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